Wednesday, September 8, 2010


feeling like utter crap. i'm so glad it's a short week.

because this is the third week of the program, everyone gave a short 3-5 minute talk on their research in seminar today. it was actually pretty cool to hear about everyones' topics. the variety of presentation styles was also interesting.

something that i think is still freaking everyone out a little bit are the adults that come to our seminars. there are these older, (maybe?) post-undergrad people who are apparently in the SULI program with some of us ORSS students. but they do all the same things as us in seminar. i find it unusual that these adults are supposed to be on the same level as us and are doing the same things. all of them gave short talks, just like us.

my talk kind of sucked. i wasn't really that prepared and so it went horribly. you would think i would have learned that i have a complete inability to do anything well without overpreparing, but i guess not.

anyways. last night i went to a show in knoxville. it was a deftones show, but i went to see the support band this will destroy you. they were reaaaaal good. i cannot wait until they have a US headlining tour, though. their drummer informed me that such a tour will be happening after they tour europe, so hopefully early next year? and hopefully i can go? i'm sick of them being a support band and only have 30-45 minute sets.

the show was really the only spot of goodness for the last couple of days. everything else sucks.

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