Saturday, September 11, 2010


they don't have a movie rental place in oak ridge. srsly.

so i went ahead and got a netflix account! so pumped. i already watched the very fucked up "antichrist", a lars von trier film.

it was a solid week at the lab. i'm preparing to run another magnet experiment next week, on fathead minnows this time. we got some giant ass magnets in the mail this week. they're actually really scary because they're so strong, i was picking up small metal objects and opening drawers by accident with them.

mark and glenn and i had a short discussion about chatroulette yesterday. talk about...umm...interesting? haha. mark is going to be gone at a conference until the monday after next. that's one thing about the timing of this program...we get here right as the FY (fiscal year) for the lab is ending, so everything is little stressed and crazy trying to get projects tied up, budgets finished, traveling to different places, etc.

i made my first fully authentic asian meal last night, thanks to lin, who is awesome!

laura and sami and i are going on a quest to find an ethiopian restaurant that's apparently in knoxville right now. sami is from ethiopia, and it's apparently their new year or something today? celebration!

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